Subscription package

$20.00 USD

Get 10 best sellers every month

- Every month we choose 10 best sellers and send them to you with a return label and a list of wholesale prices for each item.
- At the end of the month use the return label to return the items that didn't sell and pay for the ones that sold
- Monthly fee of $20 USD
- To open an account requires a deposit of $250 USD which will be returned to you when you decide to finish your subscription.  
- Finish your subscription at any time

a) Perfect for the ones that have a brick and mortar business with space to show some clothes and make some extra $ cash. 
Example: Restaurants, boutiques, museum stores, libraries, coffee shops, Flea Markets, pop up stores, Mexican markets, Mexican bakeries, or any Mexican or Hispanic business.
b) No storage needed 
c) Free Shipping

How do I start?
1. Create an account here
2. Send us an email to with your confirmation of deposit + monthly fee ($270) and your shipping address.