Hey! If you are looking for a second income, or you simply like to set your own vacation days and be your own boss, selling clothes online is the way to go!

We are a growing Mexican online clothing store.  We travel to Oaxaca, Chiapas, Puebla and Querétaro Mexico to look for the most chic, cute, and best quality handmade items available. We do believe in the slow fashion movement and the exceptional work of the artisans. Our goal is to empower the work of Mexican artisans and share it all over the world.

We believe that the care and skill put into making these pieces deserves to find their way out into the world to be appreciated by our clients.

Every purchase helps to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of indigenous communities.

We appreciate your trust in us to help in growing your business. We look forward to starting a win-win business relationship. Our wholesale prices go from 25% off to 40% off.

If you are interested, check out the following wholesale options:

1. Wholesale subscription:
Subscribe to our month to month best seller!

How does it work?
- Every month we choose 10 best sellers and send them to you with a return label and a list of wholesale prices for each item.
- At the end of the month use the return label to return the items that didn't sell and pay for the ones that sold
- Monthly fee of $20 USD
- To open an account requires a deposit of $250 USD which will be returned to you when you decide to finish your subscription.  
- Finish your subscription at any time

a) Perfect for the ones that have a brick and mortar business with space to show some clothes and make some extra $ cash. 
Example: Restaurants, boutiques, museum stores, libraries, coffee shops, Flea Markets, pop up stores, Mexican markets, Mexican bakeries, or any Mexican or Hispanic business.
b) No storage needed 
c) Free Shipping

How do I start?
1. Create an account here
2. Send us an email to contact@bonitaboutique.us with your confirmation of deposit + monthly fee ($270) and your shipping address.

Things to consider  
-The first month you just need $270 to get 10 beautiful pieces 
-Then $20 month by month + discounted cost of the items sold 
-The estimated arrival time is between 5-8 business days 
-Option available only in US

2. Wholesale bonita
Be part of our distributors! Create a wholesale account 

How does it work?
-Go to our wholesale catalog and choose your favorite items!
-Buy 10+ items and get a 25% OFF using the promo code: "wholesalecobre"
-Buy 20+ items and get 30% OFF using the promo code: "wholesaleplata"
-Buy 40+ items and get 40% OFF using the promo code: "wholesaleoro"

b) Perfect for
 big sellers with online and/or brick and mortar shops
a) No monthly fees 
b) No subscription
c) Order at any time

How do I start?
1. Create an account here
2. Send us an email to contact@bonitaboutique.us let us know the username of your new account so we can activate the discount for you.

Things to consider

-Wholesale shipments are made to order, and as you may know, all our products are handmade and come from remote parts in Mexico With this in mind, it may take 30 to 40 business days to completely fill your order. We will keep you in the loop throughout the process. 

 -The number of items applies to the total order, not the number of each item. Example:  If you purchase 4 dresses, 4 blouses, and 3 pairs of shoes, you would fall in the 10 pieces or more, and the per item cost would be reflected at the checkout.

-The shipping will be charged separately, when we have the package ready to ship. We can discuss shipping options based on the number/weight/shape of the items purchased to find the most economic, or expedient shipping to fit your needs.

- In the case that you would like to move forward (and we hope you do!), we can provide you pictures, descriptions, and any other information you require for your store.  Also, keep in mind that you will have the freedom to set the prices of your inventory purchased from Bonita Boutique at whatever prices you desire.

3. Drop shipping 
Market our products in your store, with no need to have them in storage. Once you make a sale we ship the product to you or directly to your client!

How does it work?

-You Choose your favorite items from our webpage www.bonitaboutique.us 
-Send us an email to contact@bonitaboutique.us with the name and code of your favorite items.
- We will check availability and send back to you, photos, descriptions, dropshipping prices (25% OFF retail price) and a personal promo code to apply in our store. 
- Now is time for you to update your store with the new items
- Once you make a sale, go to our webpage www.bonitaboutique.us and buy the product using your personal promo code. 
- We will ship the item to the address provided in your purchase order using USPS First Class (3-5 business days). You also will get the tracking number. 

a) Perfect for online store owners that want to add variety to their store
b) Perfect for online business owners with no space for storage
c) Perfect for beginners with no monthly commitment 
d) No need to store inventory, we handle it for you
c) No need to bring money out of pocket until you make a sale 

How do I start?
1. Create an account here
2. Choose your favorite items from our webpage www.bonitaboutique.us 
3. Send us an email to contact@bonitaboutique.us with the name and code of your favorite items.
4. We will do the rest...

Things to consider

-We can personalize the package, add your logo or postcards if you send them to us. All of our packaging supplies are eco-friendly and plastic free! 
-You set your own prices
-We will be in constant communication. You need to be a self-starter and well organized. We will be sending you updates of the new arrivals and out of stock items as they come and go so you can do updates to your store.

Please, let us know if you have any other questions or if we can provide any further information. 

Thank you!

Cheers to our success!
Montse C.
Bonita Boutique