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Who is behind Bonita Boutique?
about us
Bonita Boutique is an e-commerce business created by two Mexico lovers, Montse Caloca & Eric Nester.
Montse grew up and lived almost all her life in Mexico City, until September of 2013 when she met the love of her life, Eric, who was living in Mexico at that time too. They became great friends and then, the magic happened, and he kidnapped her and brought her to the United States.
When he brought her, (just kidding about the kidnapping part, she came willingly with a smile on her face) he didn't know that he would be carrying with him a lot of “Mexican baggage.” Montse didn’t come alone, she came here with all her colorful wardrobe, her Mexican fashion, all her Mexican traditions, holidays, Mexican recipes and medical remedies.


She used to spend hours just looking at the most kitsch Mexican folklore shops back in Mexico, dreaming of the day she would have a house to decorate in a similar fashion. So, the house hasn't happened (yet), but what has happened

is the store. Montse has a bachelor's degree in Communications and is an expert in Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce and Technology. Eric is a former Marine with advanced Data Analytic training- the perfect team to start an online business.


This is how Bonita Boutique was born, with the nostalgia of a Mexican living abroad, a shared passion of the Mexican folklore, and the idealistic dream of sharing the color, tradition, and art of local artisans with the world. Whether you are interested in Mexican culture or simply appreciate handmade, colorful, and unique items, this is the place for you.
Bonita Boutique aspires to be the go-to place and the best online shop in the United States to get Mexican clothing, gifts and decor.


Bonita Boutique values are a reflection of the owners’ values:
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Fair trade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Love
Bonita Boutique has a lot of admiration and respect for the Mexican artisans who design and handcraft each one of the beautiful pieces full of history, culture, and tradition.
Montse and Eric, as responsible consumers, take the time to source each one of the products from artisans and brands with the same beliefs.

Products and Services

In Bonita Boutique you will find, traditional Mexican clothing, (and also hybrid modern stuff) such as:
  • Huipiles
  • Mexican dresses
  • Tenangos
  • Embroidered blouses
  • Colorful Mexican attire
  • Ponchos
  • Beaded accessories
  • Natural stones necklaces
  • Mexican silver accessories
  • Mexican home decor pieces
  • Baja surf ponchos
  • Shawls/Rebozos
  • Mexican girl dresses
  • Skirts
  • Mexican party decorations
In addition to all these things, they offer seasonal specials; like for Halloween, they have Mexican Halloween Costumes! (though these costumes are not handmade)

You can buy retail or wholesale. Ask for the special wholesale prices starting at 30% off when ordering 5 or more items! If you are planning to open an online store, Montse provides a guide and also offers consulting services.
In addition to selling Mexican clothing, they also offer help in finding Mexican bridal dresses and dresses for your wedding party, Mexican art for your invitations, and costumes/wardrobe for Mexican theme parties or school events.

The majority of their products are designed and handmade by local Mexican artisans. Each piece comes from the indigenous areas of the Sierra Madre del Sur, the Tehuantepec Istmo, the Yucatan Peninsula, and other remote areas of Mexico.
Bonita Boutique travels to Mexico to find these artists and designers to bring their beautiful work to you. We believe that the care and skill put into making these pieces deserve to find their way out into the world to be appreciated by you!

Every purchase that you make here helps to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of indigenous communities, which, based on their government's neglect, have become marginalized.

4 Fun Facts

1. Bonita means pretty, we guarantee that you will find at least one piece that will make you say: ¨OMG! That is so pretty!¨

2. The owners are Spanish speakers, both of them (Montse used to be the long-haired dictionary of Eric) So, if you speak Spanish don't hesitate to reach them out en español! They would love to provide you the best customer service in Spanish.

3. Each traditional clothing item is authentic and rare and may have some variations in colors, patterns, and sizes. (i.e. one-of-a-kind) That being said, certain items you purchase will be beautiful and unique. Like you. You won't easily find another bonita girl dressed the same as you.

4. You may find Bonita Boutique out and about at different events in the south Florida area where they often participate in festivals and fairs as a vendor. Ask if you want to know where they will be!