Halter Mexican Dress

$42.00 USD

A very chic and boho alternative of the traditional embroidered Mexican dress. Ideal for a special occasion or a party with your fav person! 
The colors are fantastic and the weave in the fabric gives it distinct Mexican flair.
These are unique and exclusive handmade pieces by artisans in San Gabriel Chilac Puebla, Mexico.

  • Size S-M
  • Royal Blue
  • Hand-embroidered
  • Colorful patterns
  • Made in Mexico
  • Above the knee style

The price you pay for this piece helps to build a quality life for the artisan who handcrafted it, and you receive a one of a kind product that is unique to YOU! All of our products are handmade, so what you are buying is more than the product itself, but also the hours, day, weeks, and sometimes months of work and love that was poured into that unique piece from the heart of the artisan who created it.


Wash by hand or delicate cycle and cold water to preserve the embroidery of your item. Dry flat or suspended.