Maya Long Skirt

$30.00 USD $60.00 USD


Chic & bohemian long skirt with a traditional embroidered belt. Crafted of cotton and cut with a breezy tier and easy elastic waistband. Pair it with cool tanks and t's.

  • Unique item handmade in Mexico.
  • Long length above the ankle (it may vary depending on your hight)

Note: No returns in this unique item.

The price you pay for this piece helps to build a quality life for the artisan who hand crafted it, and you receive a one of a kind product that is unique to YOU! All of our products are handmade, so what you are buying is more than the product itself, but also the hours, day, weeks, and sometimes months of work and love that was poured into that unique piece from the heart of the artisan who created it.