6 surprising facts about Mexican clothing

Posted on August 08 2019

6 surprising facts about Mexican clothing


Mexican clothing is full of color, flowers, history and elaborate embroidery, but it’s more than that. Traditional Mexican clothing is a mix of indigenous and imported cultures. We have to remember that Mexico was a Spanish colony and with it, the influence of other cultures can be seen on each piece.

Here are 6 facts that I find amazing and believe is worth to be shared with you, as a responsible shopper is always good to know the origin of our clothing.

1. The fibers of choice across the country are cotton, bark, and agave; the wool and silk were introduced by the Spanish.

Pic by entrebordadosytacones.com

2. Most of the traditional Mexican clothing is dyed with natural components found in local plants.

pic: artfire

3. Traditional Mexican clothes are different from one State to another. Each region has different influence and cosmovision, also the weather plays a huge role in the type of fabric and technique implemented on each piece. Some were designed to keep people cool in the heat of the deserts in the north part of Mexico and fresh in the southern jungle.

pic by Chaskis

4. The Baja Jacket represents a banner to fly under for surfers everywhere. Even though the Baja Jacket was made popular in the United States, its roots trace back to Mexican clothing where they were initially hand-woven in the early 20th century and earlier.

pic by mexicanthreads

5. In some States, depending on the design of a Mexican attire you can find out if a woman is married or single.

                                 gala tehuana wedding dress pic via Pinterest

6. A huipil can take a month to be finished a table cover or a bed cover could take from 3 to 5 years!

pic: Casa Haus

I bet you were surprised with at least one of these facts, and maybe you will you fall in love and value more this textile tradition.  

And remember: 

“Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will.”
― Anne Klein

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