5 Ways to Rock Your Fav Mexican Dress

Posted by Montse Caloca on

The Mexican dress, also known as the Puebla or Oaxaca dress, is by far the most popular piece of the Mexican clothing style. If you have a boho, chic, or ethnic look, you HAVE to have this piece in your wardrobe. This Mexican dress used to only be worn by the women in the community of San Gabriel Chilac in the state of Puebla, Mexico. But now, with the popularity that this gorgeous embroidered dress has gained, you see it everywhere (even the Kardashians wear it).

Here I’ll leave you some ideas on how to rock it!

1) The Key is the accessories
So, the nature of the Mexican dress is to be colorful and full of flowers and life. If you add big earrings and two long necklaces, plus beaded bracelets, a shawl, a bag and a pair of glasses, you take the risk of having too much going on. Less is more. Choose one of those accessories or a couple little/subdued accessories just to complement the embroidered dress, you don't want to drown out the beauty of the dress with a ton of accessories.

2. Pay attention to your shoes
Following the last tip, you don't have to necessarily wear huaraches or sandals with your Mexican dress, check out how cute it looks with boots too!

3. Add jacket or leggings 
The use of the Mexican dress doesn't have to be just limited to warm weather or just summer time. You can use it in any season. Just add a cute cover or wear with leggings.

4. Match colors
Choose one of the colors in the embroidery of your dress and pop it out with a bag or a jacket or a pashmina, rebozo or shawl, or earrings like this.

5. And in summer days...
Just wear it over your favorite bathing suite at the pool, at the beach, or in the comfort of your own home for a very relaxed, laid-back look.

The most important part to rocking a Mexican dress is not the accessories, it is your attitude. Always stand out, stand tall (even if you are a minion like me), and always be proud of wearing something that is handmade, preserves culture and minorities, and supports slow fashion.

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