5 Frida Kahlo Style Facts That May Surprise You

Posted on July 05 2019

5 Frida Kahlo Style Facts That May Surprise You

A day like today, many years ago, Frida Kahlo was born. If you live on Mars and don’t yet know who this iconic woman was, let me tell you... she was one of a kind!

Painter, trend setter, dreamer, activist... so ahead of her time; she was mostly known for her self-portraits and her unique fashion style. Today, in celebration of her birthday, we want to share 5 Frida Kahlo fashion style facts with you.

1. She rocked her own interpretation of the traditional Tehuana

In her 20s, Ms. Kahlo started wearing her own interpretation of the traditional Tehuana dress: full skirts, embroidered blouses, and regal coiffure associated with a matriarchal society from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, Mexico.

2. Full enagua skirts was a must in her wardrobe.

The reason why Frida Kahlo started wearing full enagua skirts was to cover her legs. At age 6, Ms. Kahlo was diagnosed with polio, which left her right leg shorter than her left. Over her lifetime, Ms. Kahlo had more than 30 operations, including, in 1953, the amputation of her right leg. She died the next year, at age 47.

3. She loved colorful huipil and handmade blouses

Frida Kahlo’s style included boxy huipil blouses made without fastenings that would drop loosely over a back brace or plaster cast. Their short length was well suited to working while seated; whether in a chair, bed or wheelchair.

Frida Kahlo Clothing
4. She mixed many different cultural textiles into her wardrobe

Fro mher time visiting San Francisco, she bought Chinese cloth and embroidery panels that she integrated in her wardrobe, in addition to Guatemalan sashes and coats.

5. Flowers as an accessory

Ms. Kahlo's jewelry included torzales- long woven chains of gold, as well as heavy necklaces of jade and coral, and pinned flowers. Her use of these accessories were all used to direct attention to where she wished it to fall, saying, “The adornment is concentrated from the torso up.”
Frida Kahlo clothing style
Frida was without a doubt something else. She didn’t allow her disability to define her, but embraced it and formed it into an integral part of her life. Her disability was her inspiration for painting, and for her, painting was her escape from the pain.

We want to end with our favorite Frida Kahlo quote:

“At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” – Frida Kahlo

All images via Ishiuchi Miyako and courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery, unless otherwise stated.

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